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Blood Borne Course

biohazard wastebin for bloodborne pathogensThis course is designed to inform employees of the health risks, biosafety levels and registration requirements for work involving biological materials.


Course Prerequisite: No

Course Length: 2.0 Hours
Delivery Mode: Lecture 2.0 hours, Practicum 0.0 hours
Prepared by: Robert Paradiso, OSHA BBP Instructor


Course Objectives:


     OSHA / BBP covers the following topics:


  • Definitions of biological and Biohazardous materials.
  • Agent risk groups (4) and corresponding CDC/NIH Biosafety levels (4).

  • The OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard - definitions, scope, agents and risks, exposure incidents, & the Hepatitis B vaccination series (available to all potentially exposed personnel).

  • Universal precaution standards

  • Disinfection, spill response, and proper shipping of biological.


Course Instructional Materials:


  • Projector with PowerPoint slide presentation

  • White Board

  • Personal Protective Equipment (gloves and safety glasses)

  • Biosafety labels and signs


Instructors: OSHA qualified blood Bourne pathogens educator


Training Compliance Requirements: This course may serve as either the initial Bloodborne PathogenTraining course or an annual refresher course.


Course Handouts:

  • Course Outline

  • PowerPoint presentation handouts

  • OSHA Fact sheet "Reporting Exposure Incidents"

  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC) "Hepatitis B Vaccine. What You Need to Know"

  • OSHA Fat sheet "Hepatitis B Vaccine - Protection For You"


Participation Evaluation: Written evaluations regarding the effectiveness of the trainer, the training, and the visual aids.


Written Exam: Yes. Students must score at least 75% (6 correct out of 8) on a multiple-choice exam to pass the course.


Practical Exam: None


Retraining/Recertification: OSHA recommends yearly refresher training



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