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Lifting and Moving Coursecouple moving boxes

This course prepares students to take appropriate action in the workplace and beyond in regards to lifting and moving patients. This course is designed for healthcare providers.


Course Objectives:

  • Provide information on the anatomy of the back

  • Provide information on the mechanics of proper lifting and moving

  • Prepare the student with a background of information on the proper mechanics of lifting and moving patients

  • Prepare the student with sufficient information and practice to be able to lift and move patients with minimal body strain.


Course Instructional Materials:

  • Handouts

  • Power Point presentation with projector

  • 1lb, 5lb, and 25lb weights


Instructors: SETA back safety instructor, with student to instructor ratio not to exceed 8:1


Course Handouts: PowerPoint overview packet and other pertinent instructor created handouts


Participation Evaluation: Written evaluations from students regarding the effectiveness of the

trainer, the training and the visual aids.


Written Exam: None

Practical Exam: Yes with participation only as requirement to pass course

Certification: SETA "certificate of completion"



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