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Sexual Harassment Courseman touching woman inappropriately

Sexual harassment is a growing concern within today's organizations. Like many professionals today, you probably have questions and concerns about sexual harassment in the workplace, and beyond. What exactly qualifies as sexual harassment? Where do seemingly harmless flirting or bantering end, and harassment begin? How prevalent is sexual harassment in today's workplace? What are the legal rights of individuals and of organizations regarding harassment?


Course Prerequisite: None
Course Length: 1.0 Hours
Delivery Mode: Lecture 1.0 hours
Prepared by: Robert Paradiso, SETA QA / CQI Coordinator


Course Outline:


  • Definition

  • Clarification of the "grey areas" of sexual harassment

  • What is acceptable behaviour

  • What to do as the victim

  • Legal definitions, policies, decisions, and court rulings that are shaping the way today's organizations must respond to sexual harassment claims.


Course Instructional Materials: PowerPoint


Instructors: SETA sexual harassment instructor


Course Handouts: Course Outline and PowerPoint presentation handouts


Participant Evaluation: Written evaluations regarding the effectiveness of the trainer, the training, and the visual aids.


Written Exam: None


Practical Exam: None


Certification: SETA "Certification of Completion"



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